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dimanche 16 juillet 2006

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Just quoting my collegue Vijay on some work related issue. We could add that one to a list of famous epitaphs.

lundi 10 avril 2006

BBC NEWS | UK | Scientists test birds for virus

BBC NEWS | UK | Scientists test birds for virus
Scientists are continuing to test dead birds near the Fife village in which one swan with the H5N1 avian flu virus was found last week.

We're in for a special treat. All over the world, we have all these problems we'd rather not talk about. In France (one of old Europ dying countries, you might have heard of it in history lessons), we're going through the "usual" prerevolution riots. It happens every half century, when the odd generation of kids starts thinking independantly. This is the time for a good media scare. Not that the bird flu isn't a major catastrophy in the history of the planet. It's a wonderfull miracle for governments all arround the world. Now the news can keep people occupied with a legitimate concern. Anybody expressing another concern, (worried about unemployment in France, questionning american presence in Iraq, frightened by the way all health research is done by food consortiums) will find himself back on the politicaly correct path: the bird flu. It's not as if we could do anything about it. Meanwhile, GWB can continue his preparation for the next big media event, "War in Iran". Just one letter to change in the news. Saves a lot of time. The french government can continue plodding along without fear of exposing it's consistent incompetence. We're all busy talking about the latest non event. Oh, by the way, I don't eat swan either.

mercredi 22 mars 2006

The happy french guy in KL


There are some 1500 french in Kuala Lumpur, the proud capital of Malaysia. How come I haven't met any? Still, I haven't been around much since I'm pretty busy. I guess I'll discover a lot more about the city once my wife comes over. I still haven't found any reliable street maps, but I use a combination of very rough map that shows a few locations around KL and a more detailed one of the center. The only reliable map on the internet is GoogleEarth and it doesn't know the streets of KL.
I wonder how long I have to stay arround here before I start to understand the layout. It seems that it's a very european thing to need a map. Still, I like to know "which way" and "how far". I guess I'll stop caring pretty soon, because taxis know some of the places I have to go to and I think I know the way to my home or my office from the center of KL. I'll add other places as time goes by.


What an incredible city. You'll find some very modern places and some older. Some places, you'd think yourself in a western country, others remind you of other asian capitals. The incredible mixture beween the proud tall buildings and the rain forest is mirrored in the mixture of cultures, languages, religions and skin colours. Everybody seems to speak English fairly well, so it's not too bad if I don't speak Malay. I can still remember some indonesian, but there are a lot of discrepancies between the two languages and some key differences which make me very careful.
I don't want to say the wrong thing. It's easy for a loud mouthed frenchman to hurt someone's feelings and I can't afford to make enemies yet. So, to resume with the variety of the population mix in KL, here is probably the most cosmopolitan city I've ever lived in. I'd like my children to grow up in such an environment to shield them from the dangers of a closed world, closed mind, closed heart.

dimanche 12 mars 2006

The ratatouille niçoise

The challenge is simple: I've got to come up with french cooking while staying within the constraint of full vegetarianism to comply with my new found friends the adventists's eating habits and with the ingredients that I can find here.

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