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What takes place in our kitchen

If you want any advice and recipes, you can also ask my wife. Or maybe checkout her website but it's more on how to get slim than I'd like.
Boudin aux trois pommes
The family in action
That's just the auxiliary cook... with the apprentices. The boy with the long hair has gone to sleep, I think.
Macarons, Orangettes and Pralines
If you want the truth, to do a thing like these, you need an industrial thermometer, you might have to throw away the ten first attempts until you get the temperature and the timing just right. It is also necessary to know about 117°C caramel integrated to a 51°C egg yoke and cream mixture.
Experimenting to make better Macarons
I wrote that so you understand about the thermometer, the rest is a lot of trade secrets we had to torture out of professionnals…
the perfect Macarons